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Trading of Assets

  • Land for the construction of buildings, apartments, offices, and houses.
  • Industrial property.
  • Agricultural property.
  • Shops and strip malls.
  • Offices.

Trading of Assets With In-Place Lease

  • Rented industrial property.
  • Rented shops and strip malls.
  • Rented offices.

Search for Partners to Develop Real Estate Projects

  • Search for financing for real estate projects.
  • Search for partners for real estate projects.
  • Land contribution for real estate developments.

Preferred Capital

  • We have an experienced area focused on obtaining financing for real estate companies.
  • We arrange for the policy that supports operations at no cost for the client.
  • Ticket size from UF (Chilean Indexed Unit) 25,000 to UF 200,000 per project.
  • Interest payment: monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual.